In response to Dee Baxter’s letter in the Nov. 26 edition, what in God’s name are the liberal Democrats really whining about with President Trump? They need to grow up and learn from the “deplorables” about respect.

Take a good look at our economy, retirement savings accounts and jobs. Can you really benefit from something then put down a president that has only helped the American people thrive more? Maybe the complainers are the ones who SHOULDN’T benefit from all the good.

All the investigations are wasting tax dollars and coming up with nothing. Time to put it to rest. I’m sure if you opened the closets of the liberals Democrats who are fighting Trump more skeletons than you could count would fall out.

Trying to keep peace with other countries is a good thing. I’m sure Trump knows what he is doing. At least he isn’t selling us off or apologizing for the United States. I’d rather find peace through talks than a nuclear bomb or shelling, killing innocent people to get the high powers.

Our country is much stronger now. We need to find the dignity, strength, power and support and stand behind our president. Our respect can go a long way. There is so much yet to be done for the American people and our beautiful land of the free.

God bless the American people and our president, who deserves respect like all of our past presidents.

Debbie Mott, Smethport

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