One might think the richest country in the history of the world would be willing and able to provide healthcare for its poorest, oldest and sickest people.

Not only did Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives vote to strip American citizens of this basic need, they did it with a smile. They were eager to give the new administration a win, even at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens — and, seemingly, without even taking them into consideration.

This bill would strip away protection for people with "pre-existing" illnesses such as cancer or heart disease, among a litany of others. And if you are an older American but not yet eligible for Medicare, good luck paying those new premiums expected to be as much as five times higher than for young, healthy people.

Many congressmen claim to be devout Christians — our own Congressman Glenn Thompson does — so someone needs to explain how this bill stacks up against the fundamental tenets of the Bible. Not to mention simple human decency.

True to form, Thompson was a reliable yes vote. Couldn't he at least have extracted some reward for the 5th Congressional District in exchange for being the steady drone for the party? Perhaps something to do with jobs?

Yeah, Obamacare was far from perfect. Granted. But I refuse to believe that people in McKean County — and across the country — voted Nov. 8 for this blatant callousness toward their fellow man.

One inarguably positive factor about Obamacare is its guaranteed coverage of those with pre-existing medical conditions. The House, in its circuitous route, permitted waivers that would strip away that guarantee outright or drop the requirement and would allow rates to skyrocket. Either way, you would be without insurance.

Let's hope the Senate corrects the problems with this "healthcare" — and I use the term loosely since it provides neither — plan, but don't hold your breath. In fact, its plan could conceivably be worse.

If you think this letter is "fake news," tear yourself away from Fox News and the so-called "news" sources online and memes on Facebook, and find out for yourself. Associated Press, public radio or TV, Reuters are among many good, objective sources.

When you have finished, you (and your diabetic mom, perhaps) will be left to hope and pray the news is "fake."


Marty Wilder



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