It’s almost time to hang up the swimsuits and shrug on the backpacks — school is starting this week and next throughout the region.

Bradford Area School District will have its first day of classes on Aug. 27, and this year, isn’t running a staggered scheduled for the opening day.

At Otto-Eldred, the first day of school for students is Wednesday. School begins Wednesday in Kane, Smethport and in Port Allegany as well.

In Potter County, Wednesday is the first day of classes for Coudersport, Galeton, Northern Potter and Austin, while Oswayo Valley starts school on Thursday.

In Elk County, classes begin Wednesday in Johnsonburg, Thursday in St. Marys and Monday in Ridgway.

The Cameron County School District starts on Wednesday, except for kindergarten, which starts on Friday.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reminds motorists to be on the lookout for buses, and for children in the area of buses.

Always stop for buses with red signal lights flashing and a stop arm extended. When approaching an intersection where a bus is stopped with its red lights flashing and stop arm extended, stop.

All traffic must stop at least 10 feet from the bus, and must not move until the red lights have stopped, the stop arm has been withdrawn and all children have reached safety.

The Elk County Sheriff’s office issued a reminder about safety for students, as motorists need to be aware of school buses and children walking in the area of schools.

Always stop for school buses with flashing red signals and allow sufficient time for students to clear the roadway before proceeding, especially near divided highways such as South St. Marys Street in St. Marys. The law requires vehicles to stop on both sides of the highway when a school bus is stopped and displaying flashing red signals.

Be sure to slow down when driving through school zones with flashing signals. Fines for speeding in an active school zone are doubled.

School crossing guards are there to assist students across the street safely. Obey their signals.

Children can be unpredictable so always use caution when observing them.

Teach children to cross the street only at a designated crosswalk.

Show first-time students the bus stop earlier and introduce them to the bus driver. Be sure a parent or trusted adult that the child knows meets them at the bus stop at the end of each day.

Report any violations to local police.

For parents and students, when waiting for the bus, stay away from traffic. Get to the stop early enough that students will not have to run to catch the bus.

Never run after the bus if it has already left the stop.