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Lyndsey Niegowski, cat staff supervisor at the McKean County SPCA in Bradford, has a little fun with a couple of shelter kittens that will eventually need loving families. Currently, the staff needs kitten formula, among other items and funds at the shelter located on Glenwood Avenue.

As Lyndsey Niegowski gathered up a couple of kittens to take out to the main foyer of the McKean County SPCA, she spoke of how the little felines had been abandoned in a barn before they were found and brought to the shelter.

On Wednesday, Niegowski, cat staff supervisor at the Glenwood Avenue shelter in Bradford, spoke of the various needs at the facility that include kitten formula, dog food, funds — and volunteers.

“We could use a lot of kitten formula,” Niegowski said, explaining the formula is needed for a number of kittens recently brought to the shelter. The formula can be purchased at Walmart, Tractor Supply Co. or online, which can be directly shipped to the shelter.

“We have quite a few kittens at the moment,” Niegowski continued. “We had a couple of pregnant (cats) come in and we have a couple that are nursing.”

In addition, four kittens that were orphaned and found in the barn had to be bottle-fed.

“Somebody called us and said they had been in their barn and they couldn’t find the mom,” she added, noting there are currently 64 cats and kittens.

Becca Hepler, dog staff supervisor, said the shelter, which has 72 dogs, currently needs food for small dogs, as well as other supplies.

Shelter manager Amy Frombach, said the shelter remained open throughout the pandemic, and adoptions were steady.

“More people had time to work with puppies and the animals,” she said of people who had to stay home during the initial shutdown of many parts of the community. “I was just glad when things got lifted (and the community reopened.) And not one of (the animals) came back, either.”

She said the public is welcome to come in and see the cats anytime the shelter is open.

Appointments, however, are needed for visits with the dogs.

“We schedule appointments for the dogs every 30 minutes, and you can meet as many dogs as you want,” she added.

Fees for adopting an adult dog, which has been vaccinated and spayed or neutered, is $175; and $200 for a puppy. Adoption fees for kittens is $75, and $50 for cats.

Frombach said the shelter also welcomes volunteers to visit and play with the cats and kittens, and walk the dogs.

“One lady would come regularly and (walk the dogs), that was how she stayed in shape during the COVID” shutdown, Frombach recalled. “It was good for her, and good for the dogs.”

For more information on the shelter, call (814) 362-8850. The shelter is open from noon to 4p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and donations may be sent to: McKean County SPCA, 80 Glenwood Ave., Bradford, Pa. 16701.

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