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Jim and Selene Machuga of Bradford, Pa., pick up fresh produce at Canticle Farm’s Old State Road market in Allegany Friday to deliver it to The Friendship Table in Bradford. It’s a volunteer task they have quietly done once a week during the summer for the past four or five years.

ALLEGANY, N.Y. — Over the past four or five summers, Selene and Jim Machuga have transported fresh produce from Canticle Farm in Allegany to The Friendship Table in Bradford, Pa., to ensure the less fortunate have fresh vegetables.

On Friday, the Bradford couple was once again loading the back of their vehicle with three bins containing 16 heads of lettuce, 16 squashes, 4 pounds of kale and 8 bunches of scallions to haul close to 20 miles to The Table. The produce provides fresh salads to accompany free, hot meals for those in need of nourishment as well as fellowship.

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