Era readers will notice some changes on the comics page, which is B-5 in today’s edition.

To make room for two additional word puzzles on the page, “Jumble” and “Celebrity Cipher,” the daily features “Horoscope” and “To Your Good Health” have been moved to pages in the Classifieds section. “Horoscope” and “To Your Good Health” will continue to run in each day’s edition, just in different locations.

“Jumble” is a scrambled word game in which the player seeks to form a surprise answer as suggested by an accompanying cartoon. “Celebrity Cipher” cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people, past and present. Of course, The Era will also continue to run a daily crossword puzzle on the comics page as well.

“A lot of the feedback we receive from readers is they like — and want to see more of — the puzzles,” said Jim Eckstrom, executive editor of Bradford Publishing Co. “We hope the readers enjoy the new features.”

We are also trying out some different comic strips on the page, adding “Frank & Ernest,” “The Born Loser” and “For Better or For Worse” to the lineup, while retiring “Peanuts,” “Mutts” and “Sally Forth.”

Meanwhile, The Era asks readers to tell us what you think of the new puzzles and comics.

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