Six winners will each receive $200 prizes for their entries in Audubon Community Nature Center’s 2021 Nature Photography Contest that closes at the end of August. Lily Mullett of Gillett, Wis., was a previous Youth Winner with her photograph “Vibrant Dahlia.”

JAMESTOWN, N.Y. — Interested people have until the end of August to take a fresh picture or choose one from your collection to enter into the 2021 Nature Photography Contest presented by Audubon Community Nature Center of Jamestown.

Aug. 31 is the deadline for submitting a photograph that could win $200.

Cash prizes of $200 each will be awarded to winners in both the Youth (ages 8 to 18, or still in high school) and Adult (ages 18 or older, or out of high school) divisions in all three categories of:

• Fauna – any wild animal, no photos of animals in captivity, such as pets, zoos, or rehab animals

• Flora – all plants, fungi, lichens, etc.

• Landscapes/Waterscapes – mountains, forests, fields, deserts, etc.; oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, etc.

The six winning photographs and 12 finalists — six youth and six adults — will be displayed indefinitely on the contest website along with the photographer’s name and city/state/country.

ACNC will print the winning photographs to exhibit in the Nature Center, and winners will be named in a news release that is widely distributed, including to their local media, when known.

Fine art nature photographer Karen Glosser is judging this year’s competition.

Full details of the competition as well as images of previous winners and finalists are at