Invisible Hand, a film from Mark Ruffalo, Joshua Boaz Pribanic and Melissa A. Troutman on the Rights of Nature movement has now won three best documentary awards: Best Documentary Feature from the Hollywood Verge Film Awards, Spotlight Documentary Film Awards’ Gold Award, and Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Excellence for Documentary.

The awards “seek outstanding independent films based upon their originality and ability to tell a compelling story,” and celebrate “incredible films” that receive the highest scores.

“We love independent films. We love genuine storytelling that doesn’t play by the rules,” reads Hollywood Verge Film Awards bio. “We could care less about movies with big name actors. Production value doesn’t matter as much as story and originality of vision.”

Audiences have said Invisible Hand is a “game changing” story about Rights of Nature and global battle between capitalism and democracy.

“We are honored to receive these awards for documenting the Rights of Nature story,” said Pribanic. “This is a turning point in the story of our culture, where the Indigenous legacy that once protected this land can resurface to take on capitalism and defend Nature’s rights.”

Award-winning Actor Mark Ruffalo is Executive Producer and co-narrates the film.

“What this documentary is offering is a way forward. You hear time and time again that a corporation has the rights of a person. The idea that Nature has no rights whatsoever is absurd,” exclaimed Ruffalo.

Invisible Hand will see its Australian Premiere at the Transitions Film Festival from Feb. 23 through March 15. Ruffalo and filmmakers are also hosting a Youth International Screening and Rights of Nature discussion on March 13 with ten international youth organizations.

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