Eldred WWII Museum German Helmet

SPRING AT THE WWII MUSEUM: Like many local museums and non life-sustaining businesses, the Eldred World War II Museum has shut its doors to help reduce the risk related to COVID-19. The Spring newsletter has gone out, however, and there are exciting things in order for visitors once the museum re-opens.

“Much has transpired since we chatted last. The museum is temporarily shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, we will be able to open soon to finish getting ready for the summer season,” Museum Director Jesse Case said in the newsletter. “We’ve made several changes to the museum during January and February. The lighting in the Blue Room has been upgraded to LED and directional track lighting was added, allowing us to reconfigure the space and giving us the ability to properly display our military vehicles.

“The Pacific Theater has been moved to the Mitchell Paige Presentation Area and the European Theater moved into Tank Mountain. Our new front window displays feature an English and Japanese soldier. We have a few more touches to complete when we are permitted to return.”

The newsletter showcases a German army helmet donated by Debb Lee, which is in excellent condition and has the soldier’s name painted on the inside rim.

The newsletter also includes book recommendations from Museum Curator Steve Appleby, who recognizes we need something to focus on while we are staying home and staying safe.

Appleby recommends “The Day the War Ended” by Martin Gilbert and “Endgame 1945” by David Stafford, noting the books are “both excellent accounts of the last days of the war in Europe.


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