Cameron County Project looks to community for help prioritizing ideas

EMPORIUM — The Cameron County Project has big ideas for how to improve engagement in the community. And the group is looking to the community to help prioritize those ideas.

Over the next six weeks, the group needs residents to help rank ideas for their place in the Cam Co Proud Call to Action Plan. This study and plan can be used to bring resident-supported ideas to the table, aid in planning, and assist in securing funding to help bring them to life.

The Cameron County Project will be sharing participants’ hopes, concerns, and ideas via print, in person, and on its website and social media while providing digital and in person opportunities for comment.

As part of its process, the Cameron County Project has released a list of fully-resident-vetted, Cameron County Community Value Statements. These were written using resident input collected over the past two years.

“These values are our shared, non-negotiables as we look toward a vibrant future, creating the common ground of our shared Cam Co Identity as residents and neighbors, who view Cameron County through 4600 different lenses,” a press release from the organization explained.

The full statements can be found at

Follow this Project and participate online at or by emailing The organization will be announcing in-person opportunities week to week.

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