SAVING: We’re into January a bit, and wondering how those New Year’s resolutions are going.

Here’s a few tips to help with a common one — saving money.

Stop collecting, start selling — Collecting items no longer guarantees a big payback at a later date. These items lose value as they are kept, rather than gain. For those who have a number of Beanie Babies or other fad items, now may be the time to sell to make any money off of these collections.

Turn off the TV: cut back on the amount of tv that you watch and use the time productively. Also, this can save money on the cable bill if you cut back on the channels you choose to pay for regularly.

The 30-day rule: If you are considering a purchase, wait 30 days to determine if you really need the item. For those who tend to want trending items, they find that after 30 days, the urge to possess the newest thing has passed.

Write shopping lists — and stick to them: One way people often overspend is by purchasing items they see at the store but don’t need. Make a grocery list or other shopping list at home and only purchase items on your list once you get to the store. This can help you stick to your budget.

Choose challenge over quantity: Buy video games that are a challenge to complete — and then avoid buying new ones until you master the ones you already own.

Avoid fast food: eating at home means watching the budget more closely, stretching a dollar to afford more meals since you aren’t paying for someone else to cook for you and also helps you to eat healthier because you have more control over the menu.

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