Women's Giving Circle

Ashley Kline, representing the St. Marys Area Schools, spoke at the Women’s Giving Circle of McKean County (WGC) inaugural event about two programs funded by the Elk County Women Who Care program: the Ruling Our Experiences empowerment program and the teacher-driven Food for Friends Backpack Program. The goal of WGC is to begin granting in McKean County in the fall of 2020.

The Women’s Giving Circle of McKean County (WGC), a project of the McKean County Community Foundation, invites all area women to join its caring group of community-minded women.

As it grows, this women’s philanthropic organization will provide grant funding for worthy programs and projects implemented by 501c3 organizations in McKean County.

Women from different backgrounds and professions can become change agents in their community by organizing their many contributions, through the giving circle, and donating to select charities. Members not only help to fund different non-profit organizations, they can also choose to offer their time and talent. All McKean County women are invited to join this new and growing organization.

Members are invited to participate each year in the WGC annual meeting in October, when women gather, socialize, award grants and make a difference in their communities. It’s easy to become a member of the Women’s Giving Circle. All donation amounts are welcome and will help reach the goal of 75 members to begin granting at the October 2020 annual meeting.

Any woman donating to the WGC is considered a member. Anyone who commits to a minimum $100 annual donation, which can be paid over time, will be deemed a member with voting privileges on the organizations and programs that receive funding each year. Donors may donate at that level, or opt to give at a higher level. Various levels of membership allow women to pool their funds to make impactful contributions to the community.

The annual membership year runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30. Gifts can be made anytime within the annual giving period from Oct. 1 to June 1.

WGC invites women of all financial means to open their hearts and join the Women’s Giving Circle of McKean County. To learn more about WGC or to become a member, visit www.mckeancountyfoundation.org or contact the McKean County Community Foundation at 1-844-238-2289.