Jalapeno, a two-year-old neutered male, is currently up for adoption at the McKean County SPCA. One of the “Dogs of the Month,” Jalapeno was pulled from a high-risk situation in Ohio. He gets along with other dogs, loves kids and can be cat tested upon request.

It’s a new year and a great time to give one of the lovable cats or dogs at the McKean County SPCA a new forever home.

As an extra incentive, cat staff supervisor Lyndsey Niegowski said the shelter is currently discounting all adoption fees of male dogs and cats by 50% throughout the month of January.

For those interested, appointments can be made to meet an animal by calling 814-362-8850 or sending a message to the “McKean County Spca” Facebook page.

With people having more free time to bond with animals due to the pandemic, there has been an increase in adoptions throughout the past year, though Niegowski explained the shelter is still very full with cats.

For those who may not be ready to adopt yet, but would still like to help out, the shelter is most in need of donations of regular bleach, laundry detergent, wet cat food and chicken or turkey baby food to help feed some of the cats who are pickier eaters.

Niegowski also provided tips on how to keep pets happy and healthy throughout the winter months, when animals may not get as much outside activity due to frigid weather.

“An important thing is to make sure they have plenty of inside entertainment,” she said. “If someone wants to make interactive toys, like snuffle mats, while not breaking the bank, they can look up many ideas online. For cats, you can crumple up newspaper or fill a brown paper bag with some catnip — cats love things like that.”

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