The harmful algae bloom on the Allegheny Reservoir is still ongoing, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Samples were collected on Aug. 29 by Steve Lauser of the Corps and on Sept. 3 by Elissa Parker of the Seneca Nation, and both indicated the harmful algae bloom is still an issue.

According to Rose Reilly, water quality unit lead with the Corps’ Pittsburgh District, the levels of blue-green algae were at the caution level, set by the World Health Organization, for the following areas: Lowbanks, Bearclaw, Highbanks, Moebanks and Sawmill Bay at Onoville Marina; and at the advisory level at Wolf Run.

“On Aug. 29, cyanobacterua cell counts were at the advisory level in Willow Bay and there was no (harmful algae bloom) near Roper Hollow,” Reilly reported.

Another set of samples will be collected this week, she indicated.

Reilly said the only change will be the new posting at Willow Bay indicating an advisory is in effect

According to the samples taken, the amount of blue-green algae at Lowbanks increased since the last report; near Bearclaw, decreased; at Highbanks Launch, decreased; near Wolf Run, increased; near Moebanks, increased; and at Sawmill Bay, decreased.

When a bloom is confirmed, appropriate signs are posted at lake access areas to inform the public of associated risk and algae samples are collected and analyzed weekly. Signs are left in place until algae cell counts remain below action levels for at least 2 weeks.