Snowy tree

Large, fluffy snowflakes poured down over the area on Thursday afternoon. Winter will continue to show its strength through the weekend.

We may have a reprieve from Thursday’s blustery snow today, though Old Man Winter will be returning with a vengeance Saturday, with a predicted five to eight inches of accumulated snowfall for McKean and Warren counties.

Bill Gartner, meteorologist with the National Weather Service at State College, said today will be fairly dry and noticeably colder, with highs in the low 20s, although the snow is expected to return Saturday.

“After midnight into Saturday morning, there will be light snow throughout the region. It could be heavy at times through Saturday morning,” noted Gartner. “In the mid to late afternoon, there could be a mix of sleet and freezing rain. It looks like the area is a bullseye for the heaviest snow.”

Although snow accumulation has been below average this year, Gartner joked Mother Nature is “certainly making up for it” with the current weather.

Light snow and snow showers will continue into Sunday, though the majority of accumulation is expected for Saturday.

“It will be pretty chilly on Sunday and Monday, with highs in the 20s,” noted Gartner.

Weather is expected to start warming up on Monday and Tuesday, with highs in the 30s on Wednesday and Thursday.

To prepare for Saturday’s weather, Gartner suggested running errands today while the weather allows.

“Friday it will be pretty dry and nice out, so there will be time to get the essentials and prescriptions you may need. Maybe fill up your car so it’s done ahead of time in case there are any power outages,” he said.

In addition, Gartner said to “just stay warm and take it easy if you go out shoveling” and urged people to check in on friends and family that may need assistance.