HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania Downtown Center has named the City of Bradford’s Elm Street program the top performing program of its kind in the state for the year 2018.

This award recognizes those programs that have demonstrated an “across the board” capacity to generate new jobs, new businesses, public and private investment and volunteer hours during 2018.

These downtown neighborhood programs are evaluated annually by PDC, the coordinating program of Elm Street programs in Pennsylvania. Each of these downtown neighborhood programs has met the performance standards required by PA Downtown Center. These standards include topics such as training requirements, planning methods, and community involvement.

The top performing Elm Street Programs across the Commonwealth are: 1st – City of Bradford – 2nd Ward; 2nd – Lewisburg Neighborhood Corp.; 3rd – Spanish American Civic Association (Lancaster); 4th – City of Allentown – Upside; and 5th – Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network (Erie) – Little Italy.

Founded in 1987, the mission of Pennsylvania Downtown Center is to build and support the capacity of local nonprofit organizations, municipalities and individuals to enhance the overall well-being and sustainability of Pennsylvania’s communities.