Kids in grate

Fire Captain Mike Scrivo stands in back while firefighter Chris Salerno uses hydraulic spreaders to spread a grate apart to free a boy’s leg. Two boys got stuck in the grate Monday evening in Callahan Park.

Bradford City firefighters helped free two boys who got stuck in a grate Monday evening in Callahan Park.

Capt. Mike Scrivo of the Bradford City Fire Department explained the two boys had been alone riding their bicycles through the park. They were playing in the area above the creek by the basketball courts, and one of the boys slipped. His leg fell in the grate, and he got stuck.

“His buddy was going to help him out,” and his foot slipped into the grate, too, Scrivo explained.

Neither boy had a cell phone to call for help, according to Scrivo.

They were there “about 25 to minutes to half an hour yelling for help before somebody found them,” he said.

Once the fire department was dispatched, which was about 5:15 p.m., the firefighters were able to quickly free them. Scrivo explained they used the Jaws of Life to “spread the bars apart enough to get their legs out” — a task which took less than 10 minutes.

Both the boys had parents on scene by the time they were done, he noted.

The boys refused ambulance transport, though one set of parents took their boy to the hospital for evaluation, according to Scrivo.

Scrivo could not release the boys’ names due to HIPAA rules. He wasn’t sure how old they are, but guessed 10 or 12.

At the scene, Scrivo could be seen sporting a pink T-shirt.

He explained to The Era that the fire department’s duty shirts in October are pink for breast cancer awareness. Through the union, they have been selling T-shirts to the public, with all of the proceeds being donated to a cancer organization.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.