Volunteer Appreciation dinner

Volunteers with the Bradford Landmark Society socialize during a Volunteer Appreciation dinner held Wednesday at The Friendship Table.

The Bradford Landmark Society has many reasons to be thankful. In particular, there are a number of locals who donate their time to keep the historical organization running.

To honor those helpers, the Landmark Society hosted its annual Volunteer Appreciation dinner Wednesday at the Friendship Table on East Corydon Street.

“The dinner is held each year to thank the nearly 100 volunteers who donate their time and talents to the Landmark, both at its headquarters, in the old Herbig Bakery at 45 E. Corydon Street, and the historic Crook Farm on Seaward Avenue,” said Sally Costik, Landmark Society curator.

Costik described the many tasks and events that were only possible due to the work of volunteers.

“Volunteers were essential to the operation and success of Landmark programs and events in 2018, including the Crook Farm School Program, the Creative Women’s Workshops, the Patriotic Music presentation, the Crook Farm Country fair and Old Time Music Festival,” she explained. “Volunteers also participated in genealogical research, data entry, scanning of photographs, and greeting visitors at the Bakery, gardening, mowing, repairs, weaving, candle dipping, and yard sales at the Crook Farm, and helped with bake sales, gave speeches, cleaned artifacts, typed, filed, and provided year long support to the organization.”

Harrijane Moore, president of the organization, noted, “Each in their own way does a monumental job.”

Moore noted that Barbara Shufran and Joe Doriguzzi from the Friendship Table played a big role in seeing the dinner go smoothly.

“They put forth a lot of effort to make it a nice dinner,” said Moore.

Shufran responded, “It was an effort of a lot of different people.” She said the Friendship Table provided the main course, but the Landmark Society helped with things including the side salads.

“We enjoy hosting at the Friendship Table because we’re proud of what we have here,” Shufran added.

Shufran was happy to welcome the Landmark Society to its facility and is hopeful other local service clubs will follow suit and have a meeting there.

“We would be more than glad to tell them all about our Friendship Table,” she said.

The Landmark’s volunteers will have extra opportunities in 2019 to show off their volunteering talents.

Moore noted the Landmark will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, along with the 40th anniversary of its annual Crook Farm Fair — the organization’s biggest fundraiser.

Costik said the volunteers in attendance were reminded that “their help will be needed for a variety of year-long events to mark that celebration.”