MOUNT ALTON (EC) — Members of the Bradford Regional Airport Authority on Wednesday welcomed Marcie Lynch Assetta as the new representative from Elk County.

She replaced Elk County Commissioner Dan Freeburg who had been a member since Jan. 20, 2004, and declined a reappointment.

In an airport update, Manager Alicia Dankesreiter noted that to date McKean Aviation has poured a new concrete floor and the new metal roof is to be installed this week at the William Freeman Memorial Observation and Picnic Pavilion.

“We’re working together to find a donor or funding for grills, picnic tables and ideally some basic playground equipment,” she said. “Historically, this area has been used only by local residents and pilots for picnics and parties and the occasional fly-in camper. It offers a great view of the runways, and we would all like to see more people take advantage of it. Our thanks for all their time and generosity.”

In the absence of Authority Chairman Cliff Lane, Ron Dankesreiter, Cameron County’s representative, conducted the meeting.