First Response


Name: Matthew Gustin

Title/Position: Patrolman/ School Resource Officer

Agency: City of Bradford Police Dept.

Length of time in position: 6 yrs patrol, 2 yrs as SRO

What made you decide to become a first responder?

Growing up I always dreamed of being in the Army and a Police Officer.

Who is your favorite superhero or super villain and why?

Superman because he is always fighting the good fight and helping people.

What is your favorite part of the job?

I really enjoy it when I get to help someone with the little things like changing a tire to catching the bad guy that victimized a person or family. It’s just a good feeling knowing you helped someone when they were down and out.

Tell us about your family and/or pets.

I’m married, for 9 years now, and have two daughters and a German Shepherd named Lucy.

What is one thing you want the community to know about what you do?

We are human and make mistakes but we try really hard to make positive impacts and help people in a hard time. Whether it be catching a loose dog to solving a murder case we do this job to make Bradford and the surrounding community a better place for you, me, and our families.

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