Robertson: Turkey-deer interactions

This big doe is looking intently at the sound of my friend calling a turkey. Can she tell if it is a hunter or a real hen? What would she do if she knew it was a hunter and a gobbler was going to the call? Would she run, investigate or try to interfere with the hunt? Just how much do turkeys and deer watch out for each other? Great questions the author examines in the following article.

The human mind is a curious thing. Capable of astonishing accomplishments, it is also sometimes stubbornly inflexible. Many times, once a belief is firmly in place, opinions will never change.

Dogs and cats have been known to save their masters from fires and other life threatening situations. People believe this is possible because, I believe, they’ve witnessed dogs and cats have personalities and thought processes. This degree of intelligence varies animal to animal as do their personalities. Yet, surprisingly, many hunters I’ve spoken too immediately reject the concept animals such as deer and turkeys are capable of some pretty amazing acts of intelligence and even cooperation between themselves.

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