In the wide open, against green grass with the sun upon it this buck is easily seen. However, move him back into the shadowy woods, put a few leaves and a branch or two in front of him and he will almost disappear unless you know exactly what to look for. The author looks at the strange relationship between seeing an object and actually knowing what you’re looking at.

The human eye is amazing. The beauty it allows us to experience and cherish in life is beyond mere words to express. A beautiful sunset, your child’s face, love in your spouses’ eyes and countless other sights beyond number are the results of this miraculous gift called sight.

Sight can be very definitive, recognizing minute details and patterns. Have you ever picked out a friend or relative in a crowd or at a distance simply by the way they walk? Of course, you have, the eye misses nothing. However, unless you train your brain and eyes to work in concert, the eye may miss things readily apparent to another.

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