Regarding the recent column by Ann McFeatters, “What Will Trump Run On?” and recognizing that an in-depth response would be way over the allowed wording, I would suggest that he run on our country’s return to sanity.

My question to Ms. McFeatters is what will Joe Biden run on given his history of taking both sides of the street for 50 years? Whatever way the wind blows, Biden goes?

The difficulty President Trump faces is not his record, but the hypocritical “fake news.”

A great example having just been exhibited by Ms. McFeatters, the journalist (and I use this title facetiously) spewing more venom than all the rattlesnakes in Cameron County.

It is truly tragic that the disdain that the left has for the country and our president that the demise of the “good old USA” would have them cheering. Sad.

Ken Gerg, Emporium

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