Well, I got my bowl of popcorn to watch the Schiff and Nadler show. Just as boring as before; the same thing, over and over. What a waste of time.

But Rep. Jerry Nadler was fun to watch when the judge had a question for the House managers. Rep. Adam Schiff got up, but so did Jerry. Jerry hurried right past Schiff and got to the stand first. Meanwhile, Schiff stood there saying “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry” but Jerry was off and running.

That was the best part of the whole show. The one thing that I got out of the show was I really don’t like popcorn.

Then I watched the president’s State of the Union speech. He touched on a lot of facts and honored a lot of people in the gallery. I think Rush Limbaugh was greatly honored. I cried for him. The little girl who fought for life; I cried. The man whose brother was killed; I cried. The wife and son who lost their husband and father; I cried. The soldier coming home; I cried. The veteran and the girl that got the scholarship; I cried. All so moving.

I watched Speaker Nancy Pelosi while this was going on. She was so busy moving her mouth around and talking to herself, not paying attention and reading the speech, and then ripping up the papers, her biggest mistake, showing she had no respect for the people who were honored, or for the president.

She claims to be such a good Catholic (and said she prays for the president every night). She has shown her true colors. There is no praying going on in her house at night. 

Schiff and Nadler were shown sitting in the front row where Nancy put them — Schiff smiling and Nadler almost asleep. I wonder if they had a talk with God like Mitt Romney did?

I am so ashamed to say I am a Democrat. But maybe not for long, thanks to Nancy, Adam and Jerry.

Betty Grasser, Wilcox

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