HOLIDAY SPIRIT: Kane Mayor Brandy Schimp is encouraging Kane residents to get into the holiday spirit. In that vein, she has issued a proclamation.

She notes that “Despite the problems of the pandemic, as citizens of the Borough of Kane we have much to be thankful for.”

The proclamation also states, “be it resolved that I, Brandon R. Schimp, Mayor of the Borough of Kane, and on behalf of all of those who have worked to help us all to share the gratitude and joy of the Season of Light, invite all of the community on this Friday, November 26th, to attend the Lighting of Evergreen at the Park at 5 p.m., and then to follow the Christmas parade to the lighting of the Christmas Tree at the corner of Fraley and Poplar streets at 6 p.m. With the signing of my signature, let us come together to make the Christmas season 3 times bigger this year.”

It seems, however, that not only is the Grinch a Kane resident, but he has some insider info and had this to say in response to Mayor Schimp’s proclamation:

“Dear Editor,

I hate to sound like the Christmas Grinch, but, well I am the Christmas Grinch.

Now our Mayor has gone and done it again — trying to make everyone happy. I have had enough of this community spirit stuff. Why can’t everyone just be happy being grumpy? Like me.

Why does the Mayor think being happy comes from being helpful? Selfish is good enough for me. See how happy I am?

No songs, no cookies, no snowmen, no lights, no Christmas trees, none of this 3 times bigger. And all will be just fine. Trust me.

Bah Humbug, The Grinch.”

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