PARENTAL PEACE: While parenting can be a joy, any parent knows that there are days they would pay good money to get a break. A recent study, conducted by, shows that the average Pennsylvania parent can put a price tag on that break: they would pay $890 for a week of R&R away from their family.

The site surveyed 3,050 moms, dads and even legal guardians across the United States.

Many have been working from home since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and also assisting their children with virtual schooling for much of the last year.

The national average for a week of R&R is $873, slightly lower than the price Pennsylvania parents are willing to pay.

However, it is not as low as parents in Maine, who would only pay $309, and not quite half of the price tag West Virginia parents say they would hand over — $2,448.

Meanwhile, the survey challenged parents to share what amenity they found their house in need of during all of the enforced time at home.

While 31% said they would improve the quality of their home life, 23% said a private, peaceful space with “no kids” was the most desirable amenity they lacked and 20% said they would enjoy having a games room in the home.

The coronavirus pandemic has also made 49% of parents determined that the next home they purchase will have ‘covid-friendly’ amenities, such as a dedicated work room. However, despite the challenges of the past year, another 68% of parents say that they have actually managed to achieve somewhat of a healthy work/life balance, given the current circumstances.

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