HARRISBURG (TNS) — Pennsylvania is the 15th best state for camping, according to a ranking system developed by LawnLove.com, an online lawn care service.

While Pennsylvania was No. 1 in some of the metrics used in the rankings, such as variety of activities available in campgrounds, it ranked much lower in others, including No. 28 in the average price for a campsite fee and No. 18 in the number of camping supply stores in the state.

“With fresh air, nature’s music and fire-roasted food, few things are more relaxing than a camping trip with your favorite folks,” explained Sav Maive, a Lawn Love writer and director based in San Antonio, Texas.

“Many states offer a variety of camping environments, from mountains to deserts to waterfront views. But where you pitch your tent, or park your RV, can make or break your night under the stars.

“We looked for states with plenty of high-quality campgrounds and easy access to state parks, national parks and trails. Safety and affordability levels also influenced the ranking.”

The top five states in the ranking are California, with a score of 63.09; Washington, 51.51; Minnesota, 49.91; Michigan, 49.48; and Florida, 48.66.

Pennsylvania scored 43.43.

The least impressive states for camping, from No. 50 through 46, are Nevada, with a score of 22.91; Alabama, 27.28; Mississippi, 27.96; Delaware, 29.90; and Rhode Island, 31.21.

The measures used in the rankings were:

Access: number of campsites, acreage of state and national parks, percentage of state covered by parks, number of camping trail, number of hiking trails, variety of campsite activities, and number of attractions.

Costs: average price for camping rental and average RV rental cost.

Quality: median consumer rating for campsites in the state, number of campsites with toilets and number of campsites with water.

Supplies: number of camping supply stores and number of RV rental offers.

Safety: number of deaths in park, natural hazard index and phone coverage.

Pennsylvania ranked No. 10 in access, 33 in costs, 14 in quality, 22 in supplies and 29 in safety.

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