The community gathered Sunday afternoon at the Diamond in downtown St. Marys to show their support for law enforcement.

Support came in the form of a Life Matters Now Pro-Police Rally.

Scott Wiest, president of Life Matters Now, talked about why the event is important.

“This kind of community support for the police should be regular fare. The police are gifts from God who protect and serve us,” he said. “It makes no sense to dishonor those who deserve honor.”

Several community members made appearances at the event.

Elk County District Attorney Tom Coppolo served as emcee for the event, and among the speakers was U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Pa. The Singing Dutchmen men’s chorus performed, too.

Wiest encourages organizations that are actively protesting police organizations and calling for defunding the police to sit down for a conversation with them instead.

“We’re proud of our police and we want them to know they are loved. Today’s event was successful because the police are worthy and valuable and the people know it,” Wiest said on Sunday. “The community came out and showed it. There was a sense of patriotism and thanksgiving that should be covered and reported.”

Wiest was thrilled with the supporters who came out to take part.

“Every speaker spoke with heart and honesty,” he said. “They represented the thoughts of Life Matters Now and I’m certain of the crowd too. You should have heard the roar of the crowd as JM DeLullo Stone Company encircled the Diamond honking their horns and sporting Pro-Police banners on the beds of the rigs. It was something I will never forget.”

Wiest is hopeful the sentiment of the event will live on.

“The feelings of pride and honor for our police and community will stay with me forever. I only hope that every community across this great land will experience such a positive experience. Love, unity and safety were experienced. We need more of this.”

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