School Street

Traffic bottlenecks around School Street Elementary School while Bradford Area School District is in session.

The busses may have stopped running for this year, but that doesn’t mean traffic concerns are forgotten.

City of Bradford Mayor James McDonald, City of Bradford Police Chief Mike Ward and Bradford Area School District Superintendent Katy Pude met to discuss those concerns on Tuesday.

In a post to social media, McDonald stated, “I was able to meet with Bradford Area School District Superintendent Katy Pude to discuss issues pertaining to car and bus traffic and student safety. The City of Bradford and Bradford Area School District are constantly thinking about the best ways to keep our students safe, especially during student pick-up and drop-off times at our schools.”

McDonald said the meeting did not immediately result in proposed solutions, but that “special consideration is being given to school administration’s concerns and parents’ concerns alike when it comes to safely crossing streets, respecting speed limits in school zones and making sure that we address some of the traffic issues that cause bottlenecks on some of the streets around our schools, namely around Fretz and School Street.”

When approached for comment following Tuesday’s City Council meeting, McDonald explained his meeting with Pude covered topics of concern they both had noticed. He mentioned the bottlenecks that occur, particularly at School Street Elementary, and the potential danger to students and city residents alike as a result.

“It is hectic,” he said. “We are trying to find ways to make that run smoother.”

Pude seemed similarly optimistic when contacted for comment.

“I am grateful that both the Mayor and the Chief of Police took the time to meet with me (Tuesday) so that I could share the concerns that we have for student safety given the traffic patterns at both Fretz and School Street,” she said. “As (Mayor McDonald) stated, no concrete solutions have yet to be ironed out, but I was pleased that they both shared the same concerns and are willing to look for possible solutions to ensure that our students remain safe as they enter and leave the buildings each day.”

Pude also shared a desire to thank the district’s parents “for working with us as we navigated through the pandemic!” She went on to say that, although many of the mitigation rules were sometimes difficult to understand, such as quarantine, and were different for schools than in the community setting, the parents’ support meant the schools were able to be open most of the year and provide students with “as many positive school experiences as possible.”

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