WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., is introducing the Restore Environmental Vitality and Improve Volatile Economy by the Civilian Conservation Corps of 2021, or the REVIVE the CCC Act (S.2414), which would revitalize the 1930s-era Civilian Conservation Corps into a modern-day employment, job training and conservation program.

The REVIVE the CCC Act would advance our Nation’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis while creating well-paying, quality conservation jobs that protect and restore waterways, working lands and the health and resiliency of our rural and urban communities.

“As communities in Pennsylvania and across the country continue to face devastating economic conditions along with the effects of the climate crisis, a revitalized Civilian Conservation Corps would enable us to invest in our workforce, our environment and the next generation of conservationists, farmers, foresters and leaders committed to taking on the climate crisis and preserving our shared natural resources,” Casey said. “My legislation would renew vital efforts to bring conservation jobs to our communities, invest in our local economies and ensure farmers continue to play a critical role in climate change mitigation. It is past time for us to take action to address the climate crisis and create jobs while we do it.”

The REVIVE the CCC Act would guarantee that local communities are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the design of CCC projects and positions. Further, it would ensure that farmers are part of the effort to rebuild our economy and invest in climate solutions. Under this legislation, farmers could serve as hosts for Corps members — providing the opportunity to train the next generation of farmers while also expanding their own ability to implement conservation on the land.

This legislation also includes measures to address environmental justice issues, such as air quality, transportation, access to green space and safe housing. As we recover from the pandemic, it is critical that we rebuild and invest in a more productive, equitable and just economy.