The Board of Health issued a 90-day extension for the property at 4 Cornen Street and also heard a proposal for the purchase and demolition of 69 Euclid Avenue during Tuesday’s meeting.

Jeff Bartholomew, owner of 4 Cornen Street and other properties in the City of Bradford, cited health issues as the reason work had come to a standstill and explained that he has been making improvements on the property in recent weeks.

Mayor James McDonald confirmed, stating he has driven by the property more than once recently and noticed the continued efforts.

Board member Brad Mangel noted that the board has concerns because they have more than one property owned by Bartholomew in front of them for consideration.

Bartholomew explained in detail the efforts currently underway and the plans moving forward. He plans to have the windows in place and the house secured within the next week. He also stated he feels he can address all violations, with the exception of an issue with the corner of the house that will require excavation, within three months. That final issue will be addressed in early Spring 2022.

“We intend to work on it until the snow flies,” he said. He also expressed gratitude to the board for inspiring him to start working on the house again after a hiatus. Bartholomew stated that he intends to complete the work on Cornen Street and then move on to address issues on the other properties he owns.

Lori Updegrove, who owns 65 Euclid Avenue, explained that her family has owned that property for almost 100 years and wishes to demolish the house next door.

“I’m trying to upgrade the area,” she said, referring to the property the family owns. She stated the property next door has been a long-standing issue and she wishes to see that resolved. She intends to apply for an Act 152 grant from McKean County, which if granted would reimburse her 75% of the cost of demolition. However, if she does not receive approval for the grant, her intent is to have the demolition done at her own expense. She has spoken with the current property owner, who has no intention of returning to the area and is interested in selling.

Office of Economic and Community Development Executive Director Shane Oschman stated he is not certain but believes there will be another round of Act 152 funding available in 2022. The county awarded the funding during the first half of the year 2021.

The board advised her that the first step will be to have a sales agreement in print, and the board will then rescind the nuisance order with a timeline for the demolition to occur.