The primary election is approaching, and with the state allowing mail-in ballots for the first time, voting may be underway already.

On the ballot in McKean County, the races are for president, state attorney general, state auditor general and state treasurer, representative in Congress for the 15th District, state senator, state representative and delegates to the national conventions.

The Republican ballot — where each race is to vote for one candidate — has presidential candidates Donald J. Trump, Roque Rocky De La Fuente and Bill Weld; for attorney general, Heather Heidelbaugh, auditor general Timothy DeFoor, treasurer Stacy L. Garrity, representative Glenn “GT” Thompson; state senator Cris Dush, Jim Brown and John Herm Suplizio; representative Martin Causer.

For delegates, voters are asked to select three. The following candidates are listed: Richard E. Smead, Robert Sheesley, Jim Vasilko, Ken Layng, Michele Mustello, Ash Khare and Shanelle Hawk. Voters are asked to select three alternate delegates. One candidate, Jennifer Baker, is listed on the ballot.

On the Democratic ballot, the presidential candidates are Bernie Sanders, Joseph R. Biden and Tulsi Gabbard; for state attorney general, Josh Shapiro; for auditor general, H. Scott Conklin, Michael Lamb, Tracie Fountain, Rose Rosie Marie Davis, Nina Ahmad and Christina M. Hartman; for state senator, Margie Brown; and no candidates for state representative.

For delegates to the Democratic National Convention, where voters are asked to pick four, the candidates are Christina Joy Fulton, committed to Biden; Ronald Fairman, committed to Biden; Chuck Pascal, committed to Sanders, Steve Atwood, committed to Biden; Amanda Nichols, committed to Sanders; Abigail Carr, committed to Sanders; and Randy Cloak, committed to Sanders.

Sample ballots are available on the McKean County website.