20th book for Poyer

READING MATERIAL: Author David Poyer, who has ties to Bradford, is receiving high praise for his newest work.

Poyer usually makes a visit to the area once a year. Some of his previous works are available for purchase at The Main Street Mercantile.

Publishers Weekly wrote a glowing review of Poyer’s Violent Peace, which is set for release Dec. 8, 2020.

The following is an excerpt from Publisher’s Weekly:

“In Poyer’s outstanding 20th military action thriller featuring U.S. Navy officer Dan Lenson, the fifth focused on a near-future war in the Pacific, Lenson is back in the U.S. trying to find his daughter, Nan, who was working in Seattle on a cure for a virus known as the Chinese flu. The city was mostly obliterated by a megaton-range airburst, but he soon picks up a promising trail. “Poyer also follows the fortunes of various supporting characters his fans have come to care about, notably Lenson’s wife, Blair Titus; Cheryl Staurulakis, captain of the USN ship Savo Island; machine gunner Hector Ramos; and Navy Master Chief Theodore Harlett Oberg. Each story is unique, exciting, and often moving.”

The review finishes with the statement: “Evocative prose is a plus, and the ending opens new territory to explore in coming volumes. This is a series like no other in the military thriller genre.”

The audiobook will be available on Audible on Thanksgiving Day.

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