America: Donald Neal, a Bradford resident, shared this poem with us in honor of America and the beauty of our nation.

The Beauty in America

In this country we call America,

There is beauty to be found.

Like the birds singing in the morning sun,

With that happy to be alive sound.

Or a little brook as it flows leisurely by,

On its way down to the sea.

The animals grazing in a nearby field,

This is America to me.

I have traveled across this wonderful land,

And I am in awe at the beauty one can behold.

Like the sight of the sunset in the western sky,

And the ocean, at sunset, as it turns to gold.

The giant redwood trees that grow so tall,

Like sentinels guarding the land below.

In summer they bring shade from the sun,

In winter their bows bent by the heavy snow.

The National Parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite.

And the monuments in Washington DC

Monuments with the names of those who died

In wars so Americans can stay free.

The rainbow, in the mist, at Niagara Falls,

In the glow of the warm summer sun.

Is one of the places where beauty can be found,

When it is time for vacations and fun.

There are places like The Grand Canyon,

Forged by the river as it slowly passed by,

The Rocky Mountains capped with snow,

And the eagle soaring in a clear blue sky.

There is beauty in every part of America,

From one coast to the other.

So see your country and be in awe like me,

At all the beauty, in America, you will discover.

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