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Flu season has been in full swing for several months now, meaning people are lined up at the pharmacy and frantically looking for availability at their doctor’s office. Of course, the winter weather can sometimes make that process even more difficult, deterring some people from finding treatment altogether. Thankfully, the people at TelaDoc have created a service that allows you to connect with doctors from the comfort of your own home.

TelaDoc is a virtual health care platform that links users to doctors and health care specialists around the U.S. through a multitude of electronic platforms. Members are able to speak to doctors in a matter of minutes, schedule appointments and even get prescriptions sent to their local pharmacy. Janet Breiding, a recent user of TelaDoc, shares how the service saved her a painstaking trip to the doctor’s office.

Like many during the busy holiday season, Breiding experienced on-and-off feelings of illness, but never felt she reached the threshold to call her primary care physician. Eventually, enough was enough, but Breiding couldn’t bring herself to traverse the cold or sit in a waiting room full of other sick patients. She had learned about TelaDoc through ACSHIC and was also recommended via her direct supervisor. To her surprise, TelaDoc not only helped her, but did it in a timely fashion as well.

“By the end of my phone call they already had a prescription called into my pharmacy,” Breiding says.

Breiding mentioned that sometimes one hesitates to call the doctor if it’s not a medical emergency. And in the case of her husband, who was sick on a Sunday, a primary care physician isn’t always available. And even when they are, it’s possible that scheduling an appointment will be difficult, especially during the holiday season. But TelaDoc is available 24/7, so Breiding felt reassured that there was something so immediate they could use.

Breiding says it took less than two minutes for her and her husband to register on the app. When registering with TelaDoc, the app accounts for location to assure they connect you with health specialists licensed in the user’s state, as well as link users to their local pharmacies for picking up prescriptions.

Aside from the prescriptions, which she would have to pay for anyway, Breiding says her call on TelaDoc was absolutely free. For many like Janet who just wanted questions answered and symptoms explained, paying for a trip to the doctor just isn’t the most efficient solution. Some may even send you on a wild goose chase, moving from one specialized physician to another, all while racking up an absurd doctor’s bill. With TelaDoc, hundreds of symptoms have been diagnosed across several spheres of medicinal knowledge, from common health issues like allergies, colds and sore throats, to behavioral health issues like depression, anxiety and addiction. From there, TelaDoc will narrow down licensed professionals near you and find the perfect fit, no wild goose chase necessary.

Breiding says she would absolutely use TelaDoc again and has since used it on two other occasions. With its ease of access, smooth registration process and timely customer service, Breiding has nothing but praise for the service.

“I couldn’t say enough about how convenient it is,” she says.