The conniving, manipulative, hateful strategy that the Democrats put in place to “rid” the country of the best president in years sickens me. When I thought they could stoop no lower, they did.

Joe Biden, the do-nothing politician of 47 years, thinks he's the answer to everything. If he dismantles President Trump's successes we are in for a downfall that will destroy our beautiful nation.

I am less worried for myself than I am for my sons and younger generations who will lose rights and freedoms. Is a recession coming again? Are we going to go into lockdown or just be restricted beyond repair, wear masks the rest of our lives, face higher taxes again for the trillions the Democrats want for their agenda?

What of our rights to bear arms, freedom of speech, etc.? We could become a weak and communist-leaning country.

Now, if Biden would have won on a straight-up election, it would be a lot easier to swallow. But there have been too many reports of problems and discrepancies will mail-in ballots and vote counting for the tens of millions of Trump supporters to just say, "Oh, well."

That is where the problem lies. It should have never happened this way. For many of us, there is real concern that the Democrats actually pulled off what they have been accusing Trump of trying to do — steal the election. Meanwhile, Americans who put their trust in Donald Trump have a very real fear that Kamala Harris will be president as soon as Biden is declared unfit.

All I can say is, God help us all. The Democrats will not be able to unite us because of their dirty and corrupt treatment of our president for the last four years. I am thankful for where I live and pray that no one knocks on my door for arms or to try and dictate my life.

I am still a free American and I have my rights.

God bless America and what she stands for. Much of our history is already being taken from us; we need to protect what’s left.

Debbie Mott, Smethport

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