There have been many letters to the editor recently advocating opening up the economy, no matter what the cost.

These are one-sided arguments that pay little respect to the right of people to have a safe life. One letter claims that if it were left to the experts, the country would never open, and that Gov. Wolf is a “dictator.” These are the words of individuals who rebel against any authority, and claim expertise that they probably don’t have as compared to Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example.

The governor and Fauci are trying hard against relentless political nonsense to keep people safe while slowly reopening counties. Political pressure only undermines the governor and Fauci’s efforts.

These political activists who pressure for premature reopening of the United States and Pennsylvania counties give no consideration to life. They are, instead, only concerned with the immediate gratification of their own, a condition that helps no one.

They brag about wanting to take care of their family. That sounds heroic on the surface. After all, isn’t that the American way? But, do heroes ignore the rights of others? Is that behavior of jeopardizing the lives of others actually helping their family?

Yes, these people who want to reopen the country are suffering, too. They laud their rights, but forget the rights of others to live without a pandemic being spread by those rushing to restore normalcy that will actually never return because of the severity of the pandemic’s effects.

We have seen some activists invading public spaces with semiautomatic weapons, such as at the Michigan State Capitol building. They scream about their “rights.” How primitive. There is no respect for the rights of others. Are they heroes, too?

Actions like those carrying weapons to protests are those of terrorists, not compassionate Americans concerned about their fellow citizens. They certainly aren’t heroes.

If these actions continue, America will never conquer this horrible pandemic.

Lester Jordan Jr.                                                                                 Smethport, Pa.