In the Sept. 10 edition of The Era, Dr. K. James Evans wrote a disparaging article about our president, Donald J. Trump, accusing him of “irresponsible and cowardly statements” concerning our veterans.

Dr. Evans wrote that Trump has “disgraced the office of the presidency” and “insulted every man and woman, living and deceased, present and past, who has ever worn the uniform.”

Truly, quite the accusations.

It goes without saying, I strongly disagree and do not believe the president made the statement he was accused of, a position many of those with him that day in Paris confirm was never made.

Like Dr. Evans, I too served in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. I will share with you why I, and many, many other veterans, support our president.

Over the past four years, I’ve watched the Democrats roll out accusation after accusation, most — if not all — subsequently proven altogether false or wildly distorted. From the very beginning of Trump’s candidacy, and for the first time in American history, an outgoing administration deliberately and criminally attempted to undermine an incoming administration. This act was, by its very nature, treasonous.

Since Dr. Evans brought up our fathers and grandfathers, members of our Greatest Generation, I would ask, what would they have done with traitors?

Like Dr. Evans, I lost good friends during the war. I can just imagine what they would think watching the utter disrespect for our flag and our nation today. Democrats burn our flag, attempt to rewrite our history, desecrate our monuments and won’t even stand for our national anthem.

I remember well the young men I served with, young as I was then, but filled with a sense of duty and deep love of my country. I see the disrespect today and feel the hurt personally, just as I did when spit upon when returning so many years ago.

So, please, don’t tell me I must not support another man who loves our country as much as I have — and still do!

Accusations were leveled that Trump colluded with the Russians — false, that was Hillary Clinton — and demanded “quid pro quo” from the Ukrainians — false again, that was Joe Biden.

Our president was impeached for something Joe Biden actually did.

The president’s opponents have clearly demonstrated that they will say anything, and do anything, including lying and cheating, to tarnish this man who has so clearly proven that he will always unapologetically stand up for America.

But there are those who hate him, hate him more than they love our great country. They are always nipping at his heels like rabid dogs.

I would suggest that the vast majority of Americans are moderate to conservative in their political views. Most Americans love our country, honor our veterans and appreciate the sacrifices made daily by our police agencies across the country. Law and order is a primary prerequisite for a society to thrive.

President Trump is a disrupter, someone who has upset the status quo. He has done more for our troops and veterans than any president before him. He is bringing our troops home from fighting endless wars; he has approved significant increases in pay for active duty personnel; he has implemented long sought after improvements to the VA; he has replenished depleted war supplies and rebuilt our armed forces.

Yes, he is unconventional, but watch what he does. He proudly proclaims the truly exceptional nature of America and won’t apologize for its greatness. With what appears to be endless energy and a great love of our country, Trump is exactly the person we need at this precise time in history, when our great nation is at such terrible risk of succumbing to the dark powers of anarchy and the societal upheaval and destruction it always brings with it.

The choice in November couldn’t be more clear and important. We will survive as a free people and great nation or we will surrender to the lawlessness of the mobs. A hundred years from now historians will view President Trump as the president who saved America — or the president who tried to save America.

The choice is clear and ours to make.

So, again, quoting Dr. Evans, “I call upon my fellow veterans and current service members to remember that as we cast our votes for president this fall.”

(Joseph Hoehman, of Port Allegany, served in the 1st Cavalry Division’s HQ at An Khe, Vietnam.)

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