ANGRY: A survey for the website says that Pennsylvanians were among the angriest Americans in 2020.

According to the survey, Pennsylvanians admitted to getting angry seven times a week — the national average is six.

Who is the angriest? Folks in Delaware, who admitted to having 12 angry episodes a week. Folks in West Virginia admitted to 9 angry episodes, while Wyoming residents had 8 angry episodes a week.

Incidentally, the calmest folks live in Hawaii, with two episodes a week.

According to the survey, 68% of those who have been angry used alcohol to cope, yet 2 in 3 admits that alcohol has the opposite effect and makes them angrier.

“Spending more time at home due to social distancing can leave some people short-fused and particularly irritable in certain situations. A slow WiFi connection, excess workload or any number of minor annoyances can set off your anger. For many Americans, the coronavirus pandemic brought with it a wave of negative emotions, such as fear, stress, anger and frustration at these unprecedented circumstances,” the website noted.

More from this section explains that, while anger in itself can be a healthy emotion, using alcohol, or any other substance, to try and soothe it can actually disrupt and deepen the angry feelings, due to the effect of the chemicals on our brains.

“Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to help control and manage anger, from journaling your feelings, to meditation, exercise, or talking things over with a trusted friend, loved one or professional,” the site noted.

Locally, for information about getting help with alcohol addiction, contact Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, or call toll free 844-621-4080.

For issues with anger, reach out to a mental health counselor through The Guidance Center, Bradford Regional Medical Center or Journey Health System.

Maybe in 2021, we can bring it down a notch, from angry to grumpy, or maybe we can even find happiness.

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