CANDY: It’s that time of year again when candy takes the stage as both a tasty treat and a potential gift for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list.

The website Candy Store released a list of the most popular candies in each state, along with its list of the worst candies of the holiday.

In Pennsylvania, the top Christmas candies are Reese’s Cups minis, candy canes and reindeer corn — red and green candy corn. Our New York neighbors go for candy canes as number one, followed by Snickers and Reese’s Cups minis

What about the worst Christmas candies? These are the fun ones, to see where we agree and disagree.

Number 10 is ribbon candy, 9 is peppermint bark, 8 is non-peppermint candy canes, 7 is old-fashioned hard candy mix, 6 is a chocolate orange, 5 is Peeps, 4 is reindeer corn, 3 is Lifesavers Storybooks, 2 is Christmas nougat candy, and 1 is cherry cordials.

According to Candy Store, 93% of people give chocolate and candy for the winter holidays.

A whopping 1.76 billion candy canes are produced every year for the holiday season — and 72% of people eat a candy cane starting on the straight end, the rest start on the curved end.

Approximately 150 million chocolate Santas are produced annually.

The largest candy cane in the world was made in Switzerland. It was 51 feet long.

December 26th is National Candy Cane Day.

We checked in a few more places to see what was ranked as the best Christmas candy to give as a gift. According to Good Housekeeping, chocolate covered Oreos are number 1. Mini candy canes are ranked second, followed by the giant Hershey’s Kiss, Godiva chocolate truffles, kettle corn, Jelly Belly Christmas mix, Hershey’s holiday mix, peppermint bark, spice drops. Then sour gummies, swirl lollipops, sea salt caramels, and candy cane mint Kisses.


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