The Bradford Area Public Library, along with the Bradford Chamber of Commerce, has created a story walk-scavenger hunt for local families to enjoy.

Bradford author, Pat Drummond-Colly has allowed the use of her book, “My Grama’s Garden,” for this venture. Her book was awarded the Benjamin Franklin award for best children’s picture book in June 2012. It is a beautifully illustrated, children’s book with full-page illustrations by award-winning artist, Denise Drummond. The library encourages the community to visit the library’s Facebook page on Monday at 10 a.m. and listen to Drummond-Colly as she reads her storybook.

The story walk – scavenger hunt, runs from Aug. 12 to Sept. 12. Families have plenty of time to complete their story-seeking adventures. Register for the walk by calling the library (814-362-6527) or email: to receive the official story walk — scavenger hunt activity form.

Families are challenged to find the storybook pictures in the windows of the 14 participating downtown merchants. As families find each picture, they will record the business name on their activity sheet. During the walk, parents can read the text aloud that accompanies each picture, or have their child read it. Lastly, participants are also encouraged to get creative and draw a picture of a garden or a particular aspect of the story walk that brought enjoyment.

Families can then submit completed story walk forms and pictures to the library. Random winners could receive an autographed copy of the storybook or a $20 Chamber of Commerce gift certificate. The program is free and open to the public.