Tank project

Crews from Mid Atlantic Tank successfully removed a damaged roof from the Bradford City Water Authority water storage tank on Airport Road in Lafayette Township and replaced it with a new one. Due to some weather delays the project is expected to take another 10-14 days to complete.

A damaged water storage tank roof belonging to Bradford City Water Authority has been removed and replaced, and the authority is anticipating up to two more weeks of work on the project.

Authority Executive Director Steve Disney reported Wednesday that Mid Atlantic Tank had removed the damaged roof and replaced it.

He said the project is expected to take another 10 to 14 days to complete due to weather delays.

While the tank is drained and out of service, crews will perform a full inspection, clean the interior and install a new mixing system to prevent ice buildups, according to Disney.

He explained that it was ice that formed near the top of the tank that first damaged the roof several years ago. At the time, minor repairs were made to the roof, but it continued to deteriorate over the years. The roof was finally replaced to prevent further issues.

Before the project began, Disney warned that water pressure at some Lafayette Township residences and businesses might be lower than normal while work is ongoing. There may be brief water disruptions when the tank is brought back into service.

Disney encourages any Lafayette Township customers who experience dirty water to let their cold water run until the water clears up.

Until the tank is brought back into service, a second water storage tank at the Federal Correctional Institute-McKean will supplement the supply to the Lafayette Township service area.

Customers with any questions can call the water authority office at 362-3004.