The topic of roadwork provided for spirited discussions at Tuesday’s meeting of the Bradford Township supervisors.

The board accepted — two to one — a quote of $2,000 from William Keesler to mow alongside township roads one time.

Supervisor Steve Mascho was against hiring someone to mow, as he explained the township has mowing equipment that is in good shape, and township employees can find opportunities to mow. He said it was a “waste of money.”

Supervisor Chairman Jim Erwin disagreed, saying the staff of four road workers and one mechanic are already “stretched too thin” working on other projects.

Supervisors talked later at the meeting about a need for more manpower, and at the end of the meeting, they voted in favor of hiring two temporary workers.

Another road-related bid — one to purchase a prefabricated steel structure to replace the Browntown Road bridge — was shelved when two of the three supervisors were not in favor of immediately moving forward with it.

Township officials opened bids for the bridge on Monday without making a motion regarding them.

Mascho suggested tabling the bridge project until previous bridge projects and other road projects could be completed first. After a few minutes of discussion, during which Erwin indicated he wanted to move forward with the Browntown project, supervisor Dave Geitner asked if many residents would benefit from having the bridge replaced right away.

Mascho said no, suggesting the township first do projects such as paving Fuller Road, fixing the East Warren Road bridge and fixing the berms.

After more discussion, Geitner said, “I’d have to say no, also” to the Browntown project explaining he is “looking out for the good of the township.”

Another road-related discussion included the prospect of getting rid of some of the township’s road equipment. Mascho was opposed to some of the suggestions, so the discussion was tabled until the July meeting.

Erwin announced at the meeting that work is pending on West Corydon Street, where damage was done by trucks driving to the water authority. It will be up to the driver’s company to repair the damage, and the project is in the works.

Regarding road signs that need installed, Erwin said there is one up on Buckridge Road, but the signs for Meadowbrook need to be made with smaller letters and are pending. New signage to be installed on the Lang Maid Lane and Fuller Road bridges will say “slippery when wet.”

Also on the topic of roadwork, the police department report, read by Geitner, included a reminder to motorists to be careful traveling through work zone. Fines will double for motorists who violate driving laws in work zones.

Supervisors also accepted a bid of $84,790 from Duffy Inc. of Smethport for the sewer project on Forest Hill Drive off West Washington Street. It was the lowest of three bids that were submitted.

According to the supervisors, there is a stipulation that no change orders will be granted.

Mascho was pleased that a McKean County company won the bid, saying, “I like to see it kept locally like that.”

Supervisors appointed Steve Pettinato to the planning commission after he submitted a letter of interest for the spot.

Even with one spot filled, there is still an opening on the planning commission, as well as on the zoning hearing board. Interested people can send a letter of interest to the township office.

Supervisors passed a motion to apply for $10,854 in 2019 McKean County Liquid funds. The allocation is to be used for winter maintenance materials.

Supervisors did accept a bid for a sewer project on Forest Hill Drive off West Washington Street.

Additionally, they accepted a motion for a temporary easement agreement with property owners at 54 Vernon Lane to complete the sewer project.

A township resident spoke up, upset about long grass and unregistered vehicles on neighboring properties. She suggested the township change its code regulations to state that owners of condemned or abandoned homes keep their properties in the “manner of the rest of the neighborhood.” She asked that fines be increased, too.

Erwin said he would consult the solicitor about it.

The borough office will be closed on the Fourth of July. The next supervisors meeting will be 7 p.m. July 8.