Old Home Days

The Otto Township Old Home Days event is very popular, but without volunteers to plan and organize the event, it may have to end.

DUKE CENTER — Otto Township Old Home Days needs help, or may have to end the incredibly popular summer event.

Year after year, the Old Home Day event draws thousands of people for a weekend of fun with family and friends. With the live bands and entertainment, car show, vendors, tractor pulls and famous firework display, it’s a true staple event in the region. What most people don’t understand is the work involved by such a small group of individuals.

Currently, there are about a dozen (or less) dedicated committee members that attend each meeting. Many of the members have been involved on the Old Home Day Committee for 20 years, and some since its inception. However, many of these members are ready to pass the torch. The committee members are not getting any younger, and the group is in desperate need of new members and more help.

The committee has announced if they cannot get new volunteers, they may have to end the event.

“We are currently reaching out to the community through direct mailers and social media for help, said committee Vice-President Mat Coast. “However, the response we are getting back is limited. I think most people are afraid to join for fear they will be overwhelmed and have to sacrifice their weekend of fun for a weekend of work.”

Coast continued, “This is far from what we are asking. We’re not asking individuals to come to every meeting and we’re not asking individuals to take on multiple tasks or a large workload.

“What we’re asking of new members is to attend a few of our monthly meetings, take on a simple task or two, and complete it,” Coast said. “Overall, this may consume as little as 24 hours of your time over the course of a year. For that little amount of time, the impact a new member can have on the event is huge.”

The members of the Old Home Day committee are encouraging members of the community to give just a little of their time.

“I’m personally asking everyone in the community for a favor,” stated Coast. “Come to a meeting and see how you can help with very little sacrifice of your personal time. If you like what you see, you can join the committee afterwards. If you don’t want to be involved beyond that meeting, it’s no problem. All we’re asking is for the opportunity to gain your support for the sake of the community. Those interested can e-mail me directly at coast800@gmail.com and I can provide meeting times and locations.”