East Main Street

East Main Street from East Avenue to Main Street by the railroad tracks will be paved next week, leading to further traffic delays in the City of Bradford.

City officials are asking residents to remember the temporary inconvenience of roadwork means better streets in the long-run.

Bradford City Director of Public Works Chip Comilla said he knows it’s a bad time, but East Main Street and part of Main Street will be closed next week.

“East Main Street from East Avenue to the railroad tracks by Rookie’s Sports Bar on Main Street will be under construction from Tuesday to Thursday,” Comilla said.

“There are going to be traffic delays,” he said. Milling will begin Tuesday, and paving will be underway Wednesday and Thursday. The road may be closed during that time.

“I hate doing it, but with the amount of complaints we’ve received” it is necessary to address the poor condition of the streets, Comilla said. He acknowledged the timing is bad, with the Forman Street bridge closed, already snarling traffic in the city.

“Please be patient with us. We’re trying to make it better,” he said.

Comilla said the city road crew will be distributing “door knockers” on Monday — a notice to residents in that area that they will need to move their cars off the street for the project.

“It’s not a 24-hour thing,” he said. “In the evening hours, once (the blacktop) cools down, it will be open.”

Mill Street will be open for traffic, as will Williams Street and Jackson and Kendall avenues.

“From High Street, people coming into town will have to take Elm Street down to Davis to get downtown,” Comilla said.

There will be flaggers in place while the crew is working.

The section of road by the Eagles Club, where the road had been crumbling in recent years, will be a no-parking zone.

The sidewalk has been moved into the old parking lane, and is now concrete. Comilla said there is still plenty of room for vehicles to travel the street.

“It gives 12.5 foot driving lanes going each way,” he said. U.S. interstates use a 12-foot lane width.

Comilla said he wants to divert people off the boardwalk by the club, and in the future, hopes to put railings up on the sidewalk there.