The signs are up and within a few weeks, Bradford’s Dunkin’ will be open for business.

In a little more than two weeks, Dunkin’ in Bradford will be open.

Developer Manish Patel confirmed the doughnut shop will be open on June 24, and that Baskin Robbins will be coming to the plaza as well.

“We’re working on building the Baskin Robbins,” Patel said. “We don’t have an opening time frame on Baskin Robbins.”

Kessel Construction Inc., which has been building the facility to be called Terminal Plaza, announced that a ribbon cutting at the Dunkin’ will take place June 24, while a grand opening event will be held in the future.

It’s been a long road to get to this point.

The Terminal Building, which began as Pomelon Hall more than 135 years ago, was demolished in 2016. It was built in 1880 by Bradford community leader Rufus Barrett Stone as a law office and community center, according to Bradford Landmark Society. It originated as a red brick building.

In 1930, Tony Dodaro bought the building and the ones nearby it, built over the original Pompelon Hall, added the other buildings and faced the entire structure with white Hanley brick.

In between Stone’s building of the structure and Dodaro’s purchase and addition, the building was owned by Tidewater Pipe Co., which bought it in September 1905 and moved out in September of 1929, according to Landmark.

Dodaro used the space as a bus terminal, and stores and businesses filled the rest of the space. The Terminal building had remained a bus terminal into the 1970s.

The building had been owned by Edna Hallock for many years, and was purchased in 2015 from the McKean County Tax Claim Repository by local businessman John Kohler, who demolished the blighted buildings there are later sold the land to Patel.