Congress Street work

Construction on the sidewalk in front of the County National Bank along Congress Street continues. The project began on June 29, and this portion of it is anticipated to end at the end of July.

Bradford’s downtown may be a bit harder to navigate these days, but it’s definitely a case of a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement.

While the Main Street streetscape project is showing visible results, work has just begun on Congress Street, and then will move to Pine Street.

Main Street Manager Anita Dolan explained the projects on Congress and Pine streets are “Phase IA of the streetscape project.”

She continued, “Both are funded through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program grant that the City was awarded. However, because of the phasing, they are two separate contracts.”

The east side of Congress Street, from Main to East Corydon streets, is first up.

“Work began this week on the east side of Congress Street,” Dolan said. “The sidewalks, curbing and lighting will be replaced/upgraded on both sides of Congress from Main Street to East Corydon Street.”

When that is completed, the contractors — M&B Services is the general contractor for all three phases of the project — will move on to Pine Street to do the same thing, Dolan explained.

“They expect to start on Pine Street at the beginning of August,” she said. “The project will be completed in October.”

The decorative lighting and stamped concrete features from the Main Street project will be carried over into the Congress and Pine streets project, too.

And that’s not all. Dolan said Phase 2 — Main Street from Festival Way to East Main Street — is set to begin in August.

“The project will be very similar to the Phase I project,” she said. “It is expected to be completed early next year.”