SMETHPORT — The McKean County Commissioners heard a presentation Tuesday about the 2019 Community Development Block Grant funding requests from governing bodies to determine allocation amounts which will be part of the November 2019 application.

In her report, Chelsea Schwab, community development coordinator for the McKean County Redevelopment Authority, referred to the five requests: one from the county and four municipalities, which include the project descriptions and the amounts. The 2019 CDBG requests amount to $268,000, and all five of the projects are eligible, according to Schwab.

The county CDBG funding for 2019 amounts to $238,608 minus the 17.99 percent administrative fee, which leaves $195,683 for 2019 project allocations.

The county is asking for $58,000 for its spot demolition program.

The municipalities that have asked for funding are Eldred Borough, $70,000 for its homeowner housing rehabilitation program; Foster Township, $30,000 for the Kenmar Acres area water lateral; and an additional $40,000 for continuation of the township’s homeowner housing rehabilitation program; and Lewis Run Borough, $70,000 for its homeowner housing rehabilitation program.

After reviewing these requests, the county redevelopment authority is recommending the following projects and amounts for 2019: Eldred Borough, $70,000; Foster Township, $30,000 for Kenmar Acres water lateral and $37,683 for continuing the housing rehabilitation project; McKean County, $58,000 for spot demolition; and $42,925 for program administration.

The Redevelopment did not recommend funding the Lewis Run housing rehabilitation project since the borough has approximately $120,000 in unexpired funds from multiple funding years, with just three projects remaining on the waiting list. Schwab said the authority prefers to fund another community that has not yet received a housing rehabilitation program. Lewis Run may reapply if they wish in a few years.

If the county commissioners agree or disagree with the authority’s recommendations, they should notify the authority by Sept. 17.

One public hearing has already been held on this matter.

Additional hearings are slated for 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 14 at the McKean County Redevelopment Authority offices in Smethport and later at 6:45 p.m. at the Bradford Township office. At that hearing, the projects that Bradford Township and the commissioners propose to fund will be announced.

Oct. 22 is the target date for the commissioners to adopt the necessary resolutions and sign the application documents, actions that are slated that day at the commissioners’ meeting.

In other news, the commissioners renewed the contract with ESI Employee Assistance Group for the employee assistance services from Sept. 1, 2019, to Aug. 31, 2020, at a cost of $10,274.90.

After this vote, Commissioner Cliff Lane, said, “This is an important service for our 250-260 employees at a minimum amount of money.”

Commissioners also adopted a resolution retaining The Reschini Group to assist the county in completing the reporting requirements mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

Another successful resolution OKs applications for County Aid for the following municipalities: Foster Township, $10,729 for anti-skid winter maintenance; Lafayette Township, $5,525 for seal coat on certain roads; and Eldred Borough, $3,195 for wages and repairs for streets.

Department of Human Services contracts/agreements were approved with Phillip and Kathryn Sell and the Edmund Thomas Adolescent Center.

In a personnel matter, Kristin Lewis, EVP Economic Development, PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, was appointed to the Area Transportation Authority board of directors.

County Planning Director Jeremy Morey presented an update on the county’s comprehensive plan, a ten-year document that addresses growth in various categories. “While the final plan is still being written, the draft strategies are available for viewing at the county’s website.

A public meeting about the plan is to be held the week of Oct. 14.