Car show

Jim Singer of Coudersport accepts the Best of Show Award for his 1958 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe at the 2019 Autumn Daze Car Show.

The 2019 Autumn Daze Car Show was a success on Sunday, bringing in a large crowd with spectators and car owners from all over.

Attendees were able to leave their umbrellas at home, as the rain cleared up from the previous night. “The weather — it was beautiful. Cloudy, but no rain with a little bit of wind,” described Gary Hoy, president of the Sweet Dreams Car Club.

Despite limited space, the show featured 174 vehicles from numerous makes, models and years.

“It was like a show on Main Street, but in a smaller location. A lot of people like the location. It was a very successful show,” said Hoy.

A total of 67 trophies were awarded during the event to such cars as the 1955 Ford Crown Victoria, owned by Ron Rees of Spotsylvania, Va., to the 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster, owned by Bruce Mowary of Port Allegany.

Jim Singer of Coudersport was awarded Best of Show for his 1958 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe, a replica of the car in the movie American Graffiti. The trophy was delivered to the stage by three girls dressed as referees in the back of a 1925 Ford Model T Paddy Wagon, provided by Tom Tomsick of Salamanca, N.Y.

“I get an idea of how I want to deliver the best of show trophy from other car shows. When I saw the paddy wagon, I thought, this is the vehicle that will go along with the show,” said Hoy.

After the show, the paddy wagon was moved on a flatbed trailer to the Eliot Ness Fest Antique Car & Truck Museum in Coudersport, where it remains on display.

Cars were not the only entertainment at the event. “We had a DJ and 3 people singing. (Francis) “Tubby” Colella sang the Star Spangled Banner,” described Hoy. “We had food, crafts and the whole shebang.”

Proceeds from vendors went to No Feline Left Behind of McKean County, while proceeds from the overall event were donated to the Bradford City Fire Department. “All proceeds will go to the Local 655 at the Bradford Fire Department. In turn, they help us immensely. They direct traffic, they help direct cars and they set up barricades,” said Hoy.

New this year, awarded shortly before the trophy presentation, was the beautiful baby contest, won by Emilia Rose Ragosta, daughter of Brianna Henry and Ben Ragosta. Emilia and her parents were given gifts donated from numerous merchants, such as Edmond’s Chevrolet, Togis, Rum Runners (Erie), Tasta Pizza and The Cutting Edge. Hoy and his wife, Candy Hoy, also picked out an outfit, blanket and cuddly bear for the winner. “We’d like to bring them back at next year’s show for when we present the 2020 award,” Hoy noted.

Hoy emphasized the importance of sponsors in the success of the event. “We would like to thank our sponsors, because without them, we wouldn’t be able to buy trophies. The antique classic special interest cars are important to a lot of people,” he said.

Hoy hopes the love of classic cars continues for generations to come. “It’s young people that are going to keep this hobby going. Hopefully there is someone there to grab the reins and take over. Hopefully we’ll keep this hobby going for a long time,” he said.