Opening day

Opening Day of Allegany State Park; July 30th, 1921.

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the founding of Allegany State Park. To prepare for a virtual celebration, they are asking people to share stories and fond memories they have about their visits to the park.

According to Jacob Taylor, park manager, the creation of the virtual celebration will begin soon, thus individuals are asked to submit entries by March 31st to ensure adequate production time. Those interested can send a brief summary of their special moment, fond memory and/or traditions to with the subject line “Allegany Diaries.” Submissions will be reviewed and a representative from the park will reach out to selected candidates in order to proceed with the production.

In addition to the virtual celebration, Taylor said there will also be a variety of programming opportunities available.

“Our environmental education department is planning to host numerous programming opportunities in 2021, with a focus on the storied history of Allegany State Park,” he explained. “Up-to-date programming schedules can be found in our rental offices or on Facebook at”

As part of the celebration, the park will also be releasing a four part series of guides highlighting 100 points of interest within the Allegany State Park.

“These guides will provide readers with a wealth of historic details and information on a range of topics and destinations from the early days of the park to its present day,” noted Taylor. “The full series of guides will be available for purchase at the Red House and Quaker rental offices beginning on Memorial Day Weekend of 2021.”

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